Darker Than Black Season 1 poster
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Darker Than Black Season 1

Something has changed in the world. Two anomalous zones have opened in South America and Japan, which have been named Hell and Paradise. People have disappeared without a trace in these zones, and the land has been covered with unknown plants. Ghosts and supernatural creatures roam the forests. To protect humanity from this threat, governments have built thick high walls around Hell and Paradise. Only scientists are allowed to enter, and even they rarely return. However, this is not the world's only problem. With the appearance of these anomalous zones, people have been able to communicate with unknown forces in order to make contracts with them. Something dark grants them power in exchange for something important, which varies for each person making the deal. These people are called contractors. Each contract made chips away at the protective wall and brings unrest to the world of humans. Governments, gangs, and other organizations gladly use these special people - contractors - for less than honorable purposes. And it is Hay, one of the members of a mysterious organization tasked with controlling and eliminating dangerous contractors, who hunts them down. However, the agents themselves are possessors of superpowers and carry secrets from the past.
  • IMDb:
  • 7.7
  • Year:
  • 2007

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