Chainsaw Man Season 1 poster

Chainsaw Man Season 1

Dandzi lives beyond poverty. The only thing his father left him with is a huge debt to the yakuza. The young boy is forced to sell himself in parts, and spends his days in tree huts and hunting demons. This is how he earns quite a lot of money, but he still lives in a shed and dreams of eating his fill or even trying jam. Dandzi\'s only friend, who has shared his suffering and hunger since childhood, is a small demon-chainsaw named Pochita. The boy is a very successful freelance demon hunter, but failure awaits him and others like him sooner or later. And so, Dandzi dies one day. But loyal Pochita inhabits his friend\'s body and transfers his own life and the ability to become a chainsaw to him, so that the young man can fulfill their dreams. The Bureau of Public Safety, professional demon hunters, becomes interested in this unusual half-demon half-human. Dandzi is faced with a simple choice: work for them or die. The boy chooses the former. And now he has to live in a normal apartment, eat his fill, get used to other people, and also crush demons into tiny pieces for his own pleasure. But will his perseverance be enough against the strongest demon in this world?
  • Genre:
  • Animation, Action, Adventure
  • Country:
  • Japan
  • IMDb:
  • 8.4
  • Year:
  • 2022