The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 1 poster
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The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 1

Naofumi Iwatani is an ordinary student who is not very successful socially. Instead of socializing with friends, studying, and working, he spends his days playing online games and reading manga. However, one day his most cherished dream comes true. He, along with three other Japanese people, is sucked into a parallel fantasy world where each of them becomes a chosen one. They are given enchanted weapons and a mission to save the world. However, Naofumi faces failures here as well. He is given a shield, one of the most useless weapons. And his only companion deceived, robbed, and accused the hero of rape. But that's not enough for Iwatani to give up. He gathers a new team consisting of a raccoon-like girl named Raphtalia and a monster girl named Filo to embark on his journey as a shield hero. This cheerful and colorful series combines good and funny humor, an exciting plot, and deep reflections on friendship, honor, and destiny.
  • IMDb:
  • 7.9
  • Year:
  • 2019

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