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Uncle from Another World Season 1

Going into a coma and being reincarnated as an orc is not an enviable fate, especially when humans actively fight against that race. This is the case when reincarnation did not go very well. We recommend watching the anime "Uncle's Reincarnation" online for fans of stories about magic with unexpected twists. Plot description: A seventeen-year-old boy, as a result of an unfortunate accident, falls into a coma and remains forgotten for many years. His consciousness comes alive in a parallel world where Sibasaki is not a human, but an orc who is constantly being pursued. Years pass, and the hero regains consciousness. In the hospital, he suddenly starts speaking in an unfamiliar language and then claims to be able to use magic. No one believes Sibasaki, considering him insane. Unlike the adults, the young nephew does not turn away from his uncle, occasionally visiting him in the hospital. And one day, he witnesses an amazing phenomenon - his relative controls fire. With his new abilities, the hero leaves the clinic and, with the help of his nephew, becomes acquainted with the innovations of the modern world.
  • IMDb:
  • 7.4
  • Year:
  • 2022

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